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Since 1985, the Los Angeles Karting Championship series has provided a family-friendly, sprint kart racing environment for all ages in the Southern California region. Our mission is to provide the most competitive, largest sprint kart classes in the region at the lowest prices in the industry. We are extremely proud of averaging 2,400 competitive entries per year. Our series operates from the CalSpeed Kart Track located in Fontana, CA. at the Auto Club Speedway. This premier, super-clean racing facility provides our series with multiple race configurations, overnight camping, and a large pit area.

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September Race Winners

Kid Karts Expert: Sebastian Hauser
Kid Kart Novice: Marcus Roy
KA100 Senior: Jared Caylor
Open 125 Shifter Pro: Billy Musgrave
Open 125 Shifter Beginner: Steve Donia
206 Senior: Maximillion Bui
206 Master: John Crow
KA100 Master: John Crow
Shifter S-1:
Billy Musgrave
Shifter S-2
Prescott Campbell
Shifter S-3:
Emon Fazlollahi
Shifter S-4 Masters
Adrian Yong
Shifter S-4 Super Masters:
John Crow
Shifter S-5 Junior: Connor Robles
Mini Swift :
Kasey Gillis
Micro Swift:
John Antonino
X30 Pro
Edward Portz
X30 Intermediate:
Cody Diggs
X30 Novice:
Tarek Elmoussa
X30 Masters:
Jonathan Silva
X30 SM: Larry Hayashigawa
X30 Junior-Expert:
 Alan Tang
X30 Junior-Novice:
Timothy Carel

2017 Champions

Team Championship: freem
Honda Kid Karts – Expert: John Antonino
Honda Kid Karts – Novice: Asher Horne
Junior 1 Comer: Cooper Hicks
206 Senior: Matt Johnson
206 Master: Steve Campbell
Open 125 Shifter: Slava Prikhodko
Shifter S-1: Billy Musgrave
Shifter S-2: Robert Heck Jr.
Shifter S-3: Keawn Tandon
Shifter S-4: John Crow
Shifter S-4 Super Masters: Kalvin Chen
Mini Swift: Cole Morgan
Micro Swift: Logan Toke
X30 Pro: Colby DuBato
X30 Intermidiate: Eric Slivkoff
X30 Novice: Lauran Adams
X30 Masters: Steve Martin
X30 Junior – Expert: Joseph Danielle
X30 Junior – Novice: Bentley Adams

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