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Since 1985, the Los Angeles Karting Championship series has provided a family-friendly, sprint kart racing environment for all ages in the Southern California region.  Our mission is to provide the most competitive, largest sprint kart classes in the region at the lowest prices in the industry.  We are extremely proud of averaging 2,400 competitive entries per year.  Our series operates from the Calspeed Karting Center located at the Autoclub Speedway in Fontana, CA.  This premier, super-clean karting center provides our series with four race configurations, overnight camping, and a large pit area.

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    Kid Karts Cooper Hicks
Junior 1 Comer
Colin Queen
    Junior 1 Comer Pilot Dominic Gorden
Open 125 Shifter
Slava Prikhodko
    PRD Jr 2 Anthony Sawyer
PRD Masters
Paul Bonilla
PRD Senior
Matt Johnson
PRD Senior Pilot
KC Cook
    Shifter S-1 Billy Musgrave
Shifter S-2
Kolton Griffin
Shifter S-4 Magnum
Steve Donia
    Shifter S-4 Masters Willy Musgrave
Shifter S-5
Nicky Hays
    Tag Cadet Jagger Jones
Tag Masters
Tony Rossetti
    Tag Senior Eric Molinatti
  2013 Champions   Print   E-mail  
  Team Championship Fleming Younger Guns
  Junior 1 Ryan Schartau
  Comer Kid Karts Dominic Gorden
  Honda Kid Karts Kasey Gillis
  KPV-1 Ryan Schartau
  KPV-2 Andrew Murowatz
  Open 125 Alex King
  PRD Jr 2 Nick Ramirez
  PRD Jr 1 Myles Farhan
  Rotax Sr Pilot Elric Navatel
  Shifter S-2 Billy Musgrave
  Shifter S-4 Magnum Kevin Gilroy
  Shifter S-4 Master Willy Musgrave
  PRD Grand Master Ron Rossetti
  PRD Senior Eric Molinatti
  PRD Senior Pilot Karlee Polon
  TAG Cadet Jagger Jones
  TAG Senior Alejandro Fernandez

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