Pit Spot & Parking Rules

  1. No parking of large vehicles that take up a complete pit spot in the first five rows from the grid (semi trucks, motorhome, etc.) that do not have a trailer attached or go kart(s) inside.
  2. No personal vehicles will be allowed to park in go kart pit spaces (i.e. passenger cars, SUV’s, Trucks) that did not carry a go kart or pull a trailer with a go kart in it. The only exception: Sponsor parts trailers.
  3. There will be no vehicles allowed to drop off parts, karts or equipment without permission from registration or an LAKC official. If permission is not granted by registration or an LAKC official they will be directed north of the registration booth or to the south parking lot and you will have to transport all parts, equipment, karts from your parking location.
  4. There are reserved parking spaces located behind the registration booth along the guard rail that require a LAKC Parking permit. The hard card permit must be displayed in the front window of the vehicle. These spaces are reserved for LAKC sponsors ONLY.
  5. No parking in fire lanes allowed at any time.
  6. If you are not going to attend a race and have a reserved pit spot you are required to contact LAKC five days in advance of a race weekend so we can reassign that pit spot for the race weekend. Please send an email to lakcinfo@gmail.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  7. Any Pit Spots with a generator that has a dBA reading above 85 @ 23ft. will be asked to shut down at any time to keep the noise down. (Please be courteous to your neighbors)
  8. You are responsible for the cleanliness of your Pit Spot before you leave race weekend. Scraped off rubber from tires, trash, kart parts, zip ties, chains etc. need to be placed in the proper receptacle. You must take your used tires & fuel cans with you. If you leave any trash, tires, fuel cans & LAKC is fined by CalSpeed as a result, you as the pit spot owner will be solely responsible for all charges. LAKC will be checking the parking lot after the last race on Sunday.
  9. Since we have a limited number of Pit Spots we will be strictly enforcing the “No Show” rule. If you miss more than two events during the season your spot may be reassigned to another person. The reassignment will be dealt with on a case by case basis by the B.O.D.
  10. Any infraction of these rules can result in your pit spots being revoked by LAKC at any time. There will be no refunds of any kind for loss of Pit Spots for violating these rules.
  11. We, as the Board of Directors of L.A.K.C. do not guarantee that sponsors and members will occupy the same pit spots year after year. It is at the digression of the BOD’s to move sponsors and members as necessary due to business needs and changes. Sponsors and members always have an option not to purchase a pit spot if they are displeased with their assigned location.



LAKC Supplemental Rules & Regulations

2016 LAKC Supplemental Regulations

Hierarchy of rules:

  1. Race day bulletins
  2. Supplemental rules
  3. LAKC Written rules
  4. IKF / SKUSA class specific.
  5. LAKC officiates per SKUSA Race Rules.
    LAKC Class structure, weights, tire and fuel refer to www.lakc.org / classes tab


Drivers Meeting: All drivers are required to attend. Cadet and Kid Kart classes are

required to attend with an adult representative. Kid Kart racers and all first time racers need to stay for a second meeting.

Pre-Tech: You are required to bring your completed tech sheet with your helmet to the

grid for your first warm up session. No karts will be allowed on-track without an

inspection sticker. Classes requiring chest protectors must show any hidden protector to

the official when taking the grid.

Grid procedures: Staging (Grid B) will take place outside the fenced area used for the

grid. Upon release of the class occupying grid A staged karts will be allowed to enter.

Upon placing kart on the ground, kart stands are to be removed to kart coral. Only a

mechanic and the driver are allowed on grid A. Drivers are required to exit the grid to the

racetrack upon direction from the Grid official. Holding back is NOT allowed.

Warm-up: Timed track session or sessions, transponders are required for all warm-up

sessions. It is the racers responsibility to check posting boards to ensure lap times are

being recorded.

Multi-Class run groups: Rolling start classes may be grid separately with on-track gap

between each class as instructed by the grid official, standing start classes will grid on

qualifying times. Officials have the ability to alter as conditions warrant.

Non Contact (NC) classes: All Kid Karts and all Pilots classes. The noncontact

classes are a no touching class; no contact including bump drafting will be

tolerated. What constitutes contact will be determined by officials and their determination

cannot be protested. Infractions can result in warnings or time/position penalties.

Continuing infractions may lead to exclusion.

Qualifying: Grid will be released as a group to the track for the timed qualifying

sessions. Holding your driver back is NOT allowed. It will be the DRIVER’S responsibility to get a clean lap. Bump drafting is not allowed during qualifying. There will be no makeup qualifying.

Starting procedure: Upon release from grid steward, 1 warm up lap, ending with
formation of a grid in assigned position coming to the starter for the 2nd time. Multi class groups may be asked to space themselves from the other class under direction from the officials. The
bulletins, and or drivers briefing will announce any alteration in qualifying as track
direction warrants.  Changing of position is not allowed until crossing the start line. (IKF 210.7.5B)  [Note] depending on track layout the “start “line may not be the finish line.  The start line will be designated by a row of cones running perpendicular to the track. Acceleration line is denoted by a single cone on both sides of the track. Again, Track layout will change its location and will be discussed at the drivers meeting. The pole driver must maintain a consistent slow speed leading to the acceleration line. The pole driver must have the advantage at the acceleration line. We will make every attempt to start the first time by. Failure to maintain a slow pace by pole driver will result in loss of pole spot or moved to the rear of the field. Pole driver MAY get just a warning by a displayed  rolled black, repeat offenders may get no warning and moved back based on prior race day warnings.  Penalties may consist of loss of starting position, (moving the offending driver back a row in the grid, or to the rear of the field) loss of finishing position (post-race docking of finishing spot) ; race laps may begin counting with an aborted start and will continue to count until a clean start is made.


If during the formation lap, by no fault of their own a competitor is unable to continue
officials may assist, this is a courtesy. Only before a race start will an attempt be made. Please check with Race Director before the start of the race day if there is any clarification necessary.
Shifter Starting Procedure: Shifters will receive 2 warm up laps. Upon completing the

2nd lap they will stage at the head of the start straight. Drivers will proceed to their

earned position. We will stagger the lanes and gap the rows on the grid. Upon receiving

signal of a set grid the starter shall signal to ready the drivers and commence the starting

sequence. Starting sequence shall be discussed with the class at the conclusion of the

drivers meeting. Jumping a standing start, rolling prior to green, (without stopping), or

gaining any advantage will be penalized positions. Stalling the kart in any situation a

driver may attempt to re-fire and continue, up until the leaders are in danger of putting

him a lap down. This determination will be made at the officials discretion and the

decision cannot be protested.

Post-race: Racers may be held at the scales prior to weighing. All racers are responsible

for tech markings, and post-race technical inspection, if in doubt ask if you are required to

go to tech.

Penalties: Drivers may be held prior to weighing or at post tech for notification of any penalty. Notification may be a brief explanation of action and penalty. Conversation may continue time

permitting.* We must get officials in place for the next race group, conversation will be

limited, if further discussion is needed it must wait until officials complete observing on

track action.* When a protest is filed, all calls will be handled on a time sensitive basis,

further discussion with all involved parties will be at the official’s discretion. Penalties

and warnings will be posted with the results of the on track session. Penalties can include

docking of position/time, exclusion from the immediate session or immediate ejection

from the event based on severity of the offence.

Photos or videos will not be used in the decision making of any on track call.

Protests and appeals: All protests must be presented within 30 min. of notification of offence. Appeals shall be accompanied by a $100 deposit, to be refunded if not deemed frivolous or over turned. Only completely filled out Protest forms with Rule reference will be considered.

Event clean up: All racers are responsible for the cleanliness of their pit area. Tires, Fuel drums and Scrapped off rubber cannot be left behind. Fines of $50.00 or more may be levied upon the pit spot



All rules and procedures used for LAKC are intended to create a safe, fair, and competitive

family friendly atmosphere to race under. All rules shall be interpreted in a logical

manner and the interpretation of the rules shall follow a logical thought process. Every

situation cannot be foreseen. The officials shall apply rules in a manner that does not

strain the intent of the written rule in the judgment of the officials. Verbal outburst, foul

language and unprofessional behavior will NEVER be tolerated. If you have an outburst

and cannot control yourself you will simply be asked to leave and may not be allowed


LAKC Number Panel Colors (Non-SKUSA Classes)

  • Honda GFX50 Kid Kart – Green Number on Yellow Background
  • Junior 1 Comer – Green Number on White Background
  • Junior 1 Comer Novice – Green Number on Yellow Background
  • Open 125 Shifter – Black Number on White Background
  • 206 Senior – Red Number on White Background
  • 206 Master – Black Number on White Background
  • X175 Pro – TBA
  • X175 Master – TBA

– Also, all classes (unless specified otherwise) with a Novice category will run the same colors as the standard class, with a ‘Novice’ or ‘N’ designation that will be handed out by LAKC staff at the race, and will be placed on the front and rear number panels of the kart.